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The Brush Cleaning Bundle You Need

The Brush Cleaning Bundle You Need

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Just like a match made in beauty heaven, meet the Brush Cleaning Bundle You Need 

The troublesome little pieces of tissue that crumble into your beautiful makeup brush, is the reason we invented the Brush Cleaning Bundle You Need.

Our Brush Defence and Base Towel are like two peas in a pod, the perfect match, the bestest of beauty pals... you know where we're going with this. 

Our microfibres in our Base Towel were specifically design to help exfoliate your brush bristles and remove the product build up. Simply spritz your Brush Defence onto your Base Towel and swipe back and forth until your brush is clean. Wash your Base Towel with warm water and soap, allow to air dry and she'll be brand new when you need her next.

As well as being the first of its kind and environmentally friendly way to clean your makeup brushes, it also makes the perfect gift for a loved one. But hey, that's just a bonus.

Brush Defence: 100ml
Towel measurements: 35cm x 17cm
100% Polyester
Distributed by withKARLA 

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Customer Reviews

Based on 52 reviews
Celeste Hayek

The Brush Cleaning Bundle You Need

Favourite !

Love this product!

So good!

My brushes smell amazing and so fresh. Love

Sam Smith
Amazing cleaner.

I cleaned my ‘clean’ brushes with this and was absolutely mortified how dirty they actually were.
Such an easy process to keep your brushes clean and sanitary. The scent is divine, and the base towel is so convenient.

The best gift giver idea ever !

I have both the strawberries and cream and Peach scents and love them both ❤️I now buy the sets for girly gifts and they love them .such a unique idea for gifting .
I have been using the brush defence since Karla did my make on my wedding day and I smelt the sweet smelling brushes on
my face . The new branding looks great on the bathroom bench too . Love it !!