First things first...

Did you know that an average makeup brush holds more bacteria than a toilet seat and the busiest train station ground in the world?

  We're here to spread the word on how important cleaning your beauty tools is. We're here to change the outlook on what seemed like a tedious chore, to an enjoyable experience.

Plus, we'll leave your tools smelling like a delicious dessert... but that's just a bonus.

So, this is Kynder.

Kynder was founded by celebrity makeup artist and beauty vlogger Karla Roccuzzo after a decade of clients confessing to her that they rarely, if ever, cleaned their makeup brushes.

She wanted to help empower and educate others by making beauty hygiene a part of their daily self-care ritual. And so Brush Defence was born.

Since then, she has expanded her range to include beauty tools, false lashes, skincare and candles, all made to be fun, trustworthy, beautiful and effective.