Whats the deal with Brush Defence?

Our hero product Brush Defence was created to transform a tedious chore into an enjoyable experience. It's incredibly satisfying to use, and best of all, it safeguards your skin from potential breakouts. Think of it as your ultimate brush insurance policy.

What makes it unique?

Our original no-rinse, quick-dry formula works its magic in just 60 seconds. We use a unique blend of the highest hospital grade isopropyl alcohol to kill 99.9% of bacteria and locally made, scented oils to nourish + deodorise your brushes, so they look and feel good as new.

Is makeup brush hygiene that important?

More than you realise, TBH. On average, makeup brushes hold more bacteria than a toilet seat. They get pretty gross, pretty fast, especially in a warm environment like your cosmetic bag. So, we must clean them once a week at a bare minimum or after every use

for the intended five-star Kynder treatment.

Can I get a subscription?

If you use our Brush Defence after every makeup application as recommended, you can opt to receive a new bottle every month via a subscription service. It's a win/win. You'll never run out again, and you'll save some beauty dollars in the process.

Why are Kynder candles so covetable?

The nose knows what it likes. Our candle range promises to exceed your wildest olfactory expectations. They not only smell great, but they'll also fit seamlessly into any space in your home, thanks to their minimalist design. Plus, they're made from non-toxic, environmentally friendly soy wax.

I'm ready to *add to cart* which payment methods do you accept?

Kynder currently accepts payment via Visa, MasterCard & PayPal. Happy shopping.

Will my order come with tracking?

Yes! Once your order has left Kynder HQ, you'll receive your tracking number via email. You can follow its journey via AusPost or Rendr, excitedly counting down to that magical moment when your postie arrives.

How can I share my Kynder love?

Your support means more to us than you know! Please share your kudos for Kynder on the gram, and remember to tag @kynder.scents

Can I become a Kynder stockist?

Sure, you sound like you're made from Kynder material. We love connecting with like-minded retailers; email info@kynder.com.au for more information.

Our current stockists:

Salon Gabrielle

Shop 6, 7 Aspen St, Moonee Ponds - Melbourne, Victoria

It's All About Makeup

36 Margaret St, Moonee Ponds VIC 3039

James Arthur 3PL

43 Metrolink Ct, Campbellfield 3061

Do you have any other beauty advice?

Don't go to bed with your makeup on, even if you're super sleepy. Your skin will hate you (trust us). Our Base Towel with Benefits gets the job done so quickly that we always recommend buying two - one for your face and one for your brushes. Oh, and clean your brushes.

Are there any refunds on Kynder products?

Please visit our returns page for information 

Where is Kynder products shipped from?

Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. 

What is the cut off for express post?

Order before 10.30am for same day dispatch.

Do you ship internationally?

Yes we do. We ship via DHL Express for worldwide shipping. A 'flammable' content surcharge will apply, charged by DHL Express.