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False Lashes - Petite + Sweet

False Lashes - Petite + Sweet

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Creating a fuller looking lash whilst still maintaining a subtle appearance, meet Petite + Sweet

Perfect for those who are looking for more density and shape to their natural lash, rather than length it self. Whilst still maintaining a subtle appearance, Petite & Sweet create the illusion of a more dense root to your natural lash and a natural elongation.

Most suitable for deep set, round and big, beautiful Mila Kunis-esque eyes.

*Glue not included

MATERIAL: Proudly Vegan Synethic Silk Fibres 

How to re-use me safely

Did you know that our lashes can be re-used up to 10 times?! As long as you follow these safe steps of course: Once you have gently removed your lashes using eye makeup remover and a cotton tip, pop them onto a makeup remover pad and use eye makeup remover to properly remove all lash glue residue and makeup. Allow to air dry. Never re-use without following these safety guidelines. 


Glue is not included. Designed in Australia. Made in China. Distributed by Kynder.

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Customer Reviews

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Danielle Hendricks
Love them!

They were slightly uneven, one side was more fluffy and the other side was a bit more accented but I managed to trim and fray them in a way that evened them out. Will reuse plenty of times!!