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Day to Night Lash Bundle

Day to Night Lash Bundle

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From brunches to disco crunches, our Day to Night Lash Bundle has got you covered for ALL occasions!

Our hand crafted, carefully designed criss cross technique creates an undetected sense of glam and is a perfect add on to an already natural glam.

These lashes are crowd pleasers but they work best with round, almond and small eyes.

*Lashes do not come with glue

Material: Vegan Synthetic Silk Fibres


Highest Grade IPA. Scented Oils. Glycerin.   

How to use

Spritz directly onto your brush and gently swipe back and forth against The Base Towel with Benefits until clean. No H20 required.

Other Cleansing Tips

Simply spritz Brush Defence on your other beauty tools and products to keep them properly sanitised.


All ingredients are Vegan + manufactured in Australia.

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Customer Reviews

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5 stars!!

I recently had the pleasure of trying out the stunning Kynder lashes, and let me tell you, they have quickly become my absolute favourite! From the first time I put them on I was obsessed and they were so easy to put on! The lash fibres are incredibly soft and wispy and the band is so thin and light. I love this bundle because it has 3 different styles! my fav one is probably Night Muse because they are so fluffy but natural at the same time! definitely my go-to lash brand now 🥰😍