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Base Towel with Benefits

Base Towel with Benefits

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Introducing the ultimate tool in keeping your beauty brushes clean, whilst caring for your own skin

Its unique, its re-usable, soft like silk to touch and is a staple in your makeup collection. 

Our Base Towel with Benefits was designed to be the perfect match to your chosen Brush Defence. Simply use the towel to clean your brushes by spraying the formula directly onto towel. The microfibres will gently exfoliate the brush hairs to remove the product build up. 

The name 'with Benefits' came from its multi-use purpose, did you know that our Base Towel can also be used to remove makeup - as well as being the go-to for keeping your brushes clean?! With adding just warm water, our Base Towels microfibres will help break down and remove makeup from your skin. It the perfect solution to red, sore eyes from high concentrated removers.

We recommend having two on hand, one for your skin and one for your beauty tools.

Care tips: Machine wash with a cold and delicate setting prior to first use and machine wash as needed. No chlorine bleach. Tumble dry on low.

Measurements: 35cm x 17cm
100% Polyester 
Distributed by Kynder

Keep me flawless

Simply wash your Base Towel with warm soapy water and allow to air dry. You can also pop it in the wash on a cold, delicate setting. Do not tumble dry.


Towel measurements: 35cm x 17cm100% PolyesterDistributed by withKARLA

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Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
Grace Dugdale
super soft and cute colour!

This cloth is so lovely and soft and is conveniently sized for cleaning all my different sizes of brushes.

Softest cloth!

This cloth is sooooooo soft and cleans and dries my brushes so quickly! Love it

The best product ever

The towel is so soft and works well. Highly recommend!!

Priscill Druda

I use this towel every single day as part of my skincare routine. Its so soft and easily washable, and doesn't irritate my sensitive skin.

Works so well!

I used this to clean my brushes and it made it soooo much easier instead of using a paper towel! I have 5 towels now! I love it to take off my makeup too